Who we are

My name Joey Noble, I live in Miami Florida and I am 28. In June of 2013 I was involved in a serious car accident, while leaving my friends baby shower which left me C4 quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down. After my accident I thought my days of being the cool kid are over. I spent many sleepless nights thinking, “how can I be fly in this situation”. First of all, I was embarrassed to go anywhere because my appearance, and secondly, due to my disability, I didn’t have employment opportunities like the rest, leaving me no money to treat myself. But then I thought, “there has to be a way for me to have a great experience without spending a great amount of money”. The idea for Asher’s Closet was born. It came out of my ambition to start my own T-shirt brand, AY Asher apparel. I figured, “I can use this as a way give back”. Asher’s Closet is planning to change the way we think of a thrift store and shopping on a dime. Piggybacking on this blooming new craze call “thriftIng”, we believe we can create something special and completely unique.

AY Asher Apparel plans to take the trials and tribulations that we all go through in life, and instead of harking on the disabilities, disadvantages and illnesses, face them head on. We often hear the phrases, “just be who you are live free as a bird”, but more times than not, when faced with hard pressed situations, we allow those trials to overwhelm us. Our vision is to take a devastating and debilitating injury/illness, or circumstance and turn it into a brand for beauty, strength and passion. This is what AY Asher Apparel seeks to do for all those enduring trials and tribulations. Helping others to conquer, overcome and Dove Life. Being who you are and living free is a “LIFESTYLE” not just a CLICHÉ