What we do

Of the top 25 metropolitan areas surveyed during a recent Census Bureau’s American community survey, Miami has the second-lowest median household income in the United States. With a median income of only $51,362 per year, just barely more than Tampa, whose last at the bottom, staying at the bottom, Orlando is 3rd worst. So the state of Florida’s 3 main powerhouse cities, all bring in the lowest income in the state. These statistics are frightening.

Wages like this tremendously affect another scary statistic, Miami has the second-highest percentage of people living in poverty of any major metro area. In South Florida, an outstanding 921,000 people, 15.4% of the population, live below the poverty line (income about less than $20,000 for most). Falling second only to food and water, the most sought after and asked for items from people receiving assistance at or below this income level, is clothing.

Asher’s Closet is planning to provide free/bargain priced clothing, shoes, accessories, supplies, and more to meet some of the basic needs of abused, neglected, and other individuals in distress and/or at risk situations. Assisting people in dressing with pride and dignity, inspiring their self-worth and giving them that extra boost to help make their dreams a reality. It only takes a spark at the beginning, then motivated and adequately equipped individuals can take it from there, the only limit is their imagination. What we’re planning to do is, give assistance and help those in need in a bright and upbeat environment. Key contributions to this program come from our annual sneaker event. We are expecting this initiative to bring great memories not only to us, but more importantly, for the people we serve. Promoting feelings of self-pride and dignity to victims of injury/illness, poverty, homelessness, generally, to the hard-pressed.