How you can help

How You Can Help

Asher’s Closet plans to stock up in the summer months, while still responding to the needs that continue throughout the year. Asher’s Closet expects to serve about 3,000 individuals a year once we have established credibility with our services. Individuals needing our services can also be referred to the organization by case managers like the Department of Children and Families. About 60% of the individuals we are preparing to serve are either in healthcare home/facilities, foster care or have been temporarily placed with a relative or in a stranger home. Moreover

Reasons for Giving

– Monies raised goes towards the purchase of getting clothing, shoes and supplies for victims of injury, illness and in hard-pressed environments, and the continued efforts to provide the services and programs that support them. A $70 gift will guarantee a complete outfit for one individual.

– An opportunity to better lives through providing some of the most basic necessities of life.

– The teaching and continuing of financial education.

  • We are also planning to provide assistance with technological devices, hairdos and haircuts.


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