How we do it

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice the people in hard-pressed situations, or from our low-income neighborhoods are wearing worn down shoes and clothing. This could lead to all sorts of health problems, festering and infected sores on their feet and skin, foul odors that can affect the respiratory function, bacterial infections and more. After much thinking and research on the matter, AY Asher Apparel Company started making plans to help provide decent and adequate shoes and clothing to those in need.

We can combat this issue with the collecting of gently used/new clothing and apparel items, washing them, and then allowing these individuals to have a shopping mall like experience by choosing clothing items that fit their personality. It is not about the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood shopping spree that we’re selling, more so, it’s proclaiming that, just because your living on a dime doesn’t mean you have to look like it or can’t have a Hollywood shopping like experience.

The method is simple: PICK | PREPARE | PRESENT. The first step on this road would be to start a fundraising event where people can purchase raffle tickets, donate cash, gently worn/newly purchased sneakers and clothing. We project that there are are more than 144,000 children alone, in South Florida who need these services and products. To accomplish this goal, we will be pursuing local community, government and private assistance. With a long-term goal of a permanent storefront location in Miami Florida, easily accessible to all, public, corporate and private donors. Steadily achieving these milestones, will make it possible for the organization to continue and grow. We will be pursuing partnerships with stores such as Footlocker, Marshalls, Walmart, local mom-and-pop stores and many more.